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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Apr 2, 2019

After one of Cal’s friends with a rare disease tells Cal that Dr. Gundry’s dietary advice saved his life, Cal seeks out Gundry to uncover the doctor’s backstory. He’s astonished to find out about the sacrifices Dr. Gundry made when he left his position as chairman of cardiothoracic surgery at Loma Linda University to counsel patients on improving their health through diet and supplements. Dr. Gundry and his wife, Penny, ran through their retirement savings and suffered through a decade of financial hardship while the doctor helped patients with advice on what to put in their guts rather than operating on their hearts. His research and self-experimentation with supplements ultimately led Dr. Gundry to write The Plant Paradox, which turned into a New York Times bestseller, and three other best-sellers that have bloomed into a business offering supplements and dietary advice that has now touched around 100 million lives and created 600 jobs. This conversation may make you see the possibilities in your own life. That’s what it did for Cal.