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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Sep 25, 2018

When Cal asks the conservative talk show host about the roots of his new book, Addicted to Outrage, Glenn goes back to his childhood to explain the events that made him who he is.

Beck reflects upon his mother’s suicide when he was 15 as the moment that turned him toward alcohol to deaden his pain. His inability to even mention his mother or her death in the home of his father and stepmother led him toward the microphone to release the emotions and thoughts that were bottled up inside him.

His career behind the mic took him to CNN, FOX and the groundbreaking move to start his own subscription Internet TV network back in 2011. When Beck came to grips with the fact that some of the rhetoric that made him famous was also dividing the nation, he takes a clear look at himself and begins his book with a phrase that would normally be heard in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting: “Hello, My Name is Glenn, and I Am Addicted to Outrage.”

“I know it is tough to even think about being part of the problem,” he continues, “but the truth is, we all are.”

The takeaways in this episode are numerous and revolve around the power of a safe discussion that everyone can benefit from – whether it’s about a personal problem or a national one. The empathy Glenn exhibits in this conversation will give those who love him a deeper reason to, and nudge anyone who disagrees with him to listen to his voice in a completely new way.