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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Dec 17, 2019

Cal looks back at some of the best nuggets of wisdom he’s received from women on Big Questions over the last two years, and passes them on to you. A holiday gift for every day of the week.

Here are the moments we're including in today's episode. You can share these gifts with the people you care about by sending them an AirrQuote link. Anyone can click on the link and instantly listen to that particular moment.

The first is from Bruce Lee’s daughter. Gift from Shannon Lee: Break with Tradition

The second is from the president of Aston Martin Gift from Laura Schwab: Learning, from the Ground Up

The third is from the author of Confidence Creator Gift from Heather Monahan: Negotiation Skill

The fourth is from the CEO of Soul Cycle Gift from Melanie Whelan: Mentorship

The fifth is from the singer of Fight Song Gift from Rachel Platten: Music, Courage, and Vulnerability 

The sixth is from the amazing long-distance swimmer Gift from Diana Nyad: Resolve

And the seventh is from a woman trying to save the oceans Gift from Daniela Fernandez:  Million Dollar Dream 

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Plus, you can use Airr's technology to tweet your favorite Big Questions moments @calfussman for a chance to win your own Sportiqe apparel. Enjoy the takeaways!