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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Jun 25, 2019

Cal is on the lookout for an Aha! Moment when he sits with the high-performance psychologist – Dr. Michael Gervais. That’s because whenever Cal talks with Michael, a life-changing moment seems to materialize. A couple of years ago, Cal was invited on Michael’s Finding Mastery podcast to discuss how he interviewed the icons who’d shaped the last half century of world history for Esquire Magazine. During that conversation, Cal and Michael discussed the differences between interviewing as a journalist and interviewing as a therapist. Cal was able to take what he learned from the therapist’s approach and apply it in his new business assisting companies in the telling of their own authentic stories. This episode of Big Questions swerves in an unexpected direction: How to get the most out of life when you feel stuck in one place. Michael shows Cal that it’s exactly the place where you can reach for the best in yourself.