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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Jul 2, 2019

Cal catches up with his old pal, and author of the Barbecue Bible. Roughly 20 years ago, Cal sought out Steven to learn how to grill and smoke in order to write a story for Esquire Magazine. With one day of training and a lot of subsequent practice, Cal went on to compete in the Jack Daniel’s World Barbecue Championship in Lynchburg, Tennessee, where judge (and author) Clive Cussler declared that Cal’s roasted apples with cinnamon were “better than sex.” Steven has sold more than 5 million books on the topic of barbecue, including his latest, The Brisket Chronicles. The question of how Steven got into barbecue provides a great way to reflect on how a single choice can lead you in an unexpected direction and create a whole new life for yourself. This conversation also touches upon the power of food in the art of connection. And if it doesn’t inspire you to grill up a great meal, it will definitely make you want to eat one!