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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Jul 31, 2018

Cal gets a glimpse of the future from psychologist Linda Papadopoulos as she breaks the news about life-sized robots now being manufactured to the buyers' individual tastes. These robots are built not only as the sexual partners of our dreams. They can be programmed to say what we want to hear, to read our expressions, and to respond in a way that will make us feel better. Not only that, but they can store information to enhance future experiences. Cal is still picking his jaw off the floor and pondering questions that come out of some of the takeaways.



  • In a world where people are feeling more and more isolated and alone, will large numbers of people begin moving toward a doll with Artificial Intelligence that's programmed to say only what each of us wants to hear?
  • In an age when people are accustomed to swiping left or right, will the next evolutionary step be simply ordering a manufactured partner that has ALL the characteristics that we want?  
  • If, as Papadopoulos says, we’re playing catch up with understanding how Artificial Intelligence affects us now, how will we cope when AI begins to understand us better than we do and then moves forward exponentially?


It gets spookier and spookier. And there’s a lot more . . .