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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Jul 16, 2024

Cal looks at the attempt on the former president’s life in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. This podcast is not red vs. blue. It’s not political. Cal’s childhood in the 1960s was run through a montage of assassinations – from John F. Kennedy to Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. And he believes that...

Oct 19, 2021

The United States is $28 trillion in debt, and it was going to run out of money on October 18th if it couldn’t borrow more. Fortunately, an agreement was reached in Congress to temporarily raise the debt ceiling and keep the government functioning. Unfortunately, the debt problem was kicked like a can into the near...

Aug 17, 2021

Cal doesn’t feel well after watching videos coming from Afghanistan – especially as he hears that America has left roughly 80,000 of its friends in the country behind when the Taliban took over. He offers President Joe Biden a plan on how to stand by those friends.