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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Jan 1, 2019

Big Questions celebrates its one-year anniversary with takeaways from guests over the last year. Kobe Bryant explains how excellence transfers across all pursuits. Seth Godin describes how to think beyond the societal patterns that can knock us off balance. Larry King gets at the importance of communicating your own story. Nely Galan shares how pain can be turned into profit. Spartan CEO Joe DeSena describes the start of his plan to make the world healthy. Navy Seal commander turned podcaster Jocko Willink offers wisdom on the value of knowing your limitations. Best-selling author Dan Pink reveals the benefits of taking a break while Ryan Holiday talks about the value of exercise in coming up with new ideas. Record-breaking long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad illustrates how to improve with age. Best-selling author Alex Banayan tells a story about the value of role models. Mick Ebeling prepares to stop the tremors caused by Parkinson’s Disease. And Tim Ferriss steps in to celebrate the day Big Questions came about. The good times just keep on going, as Cal sends out Sportiqe hoodies to the winners of the Why Is Your Best Friend Your Best Friend? contest.