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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Aug 28, 2018

Kevin tells Cal how mental illness pushed him to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco 18 years ago – and how he survived only because a sea lion kept him propped up on the water’s surface.

Kevin became one of only a few people to walk away from such a fall, and the chain of events that followed led him to find the love of his life, and his work helping all of us to understand mental illness.  

His fight contributed to the creation of a barrier on The Golden Gate Bridge that will stop others from committing suicide there in the future.


  • Whatever your difficulties, never count yourself out. Never. Never. Never.
  • Simply reaching out to somebody you notice in emotional pain might save his or her life.
  • And how a 23-second hug can change your day.


That's just for starters . . .