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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Sep 4, 2018

As Cal tries to expand awareness of his podcast, he gets tips from the author of the just-released book entitled: Belong: Find Your People, Create Community and live a more Connected Life.

Radha is the founder of Daybreaker – an early morning celebration that allows people all over the world to start the day by meeting others, dancing, doing yoga and listening to great speakers in a non-alcohol environment before going off to work.

Cal was startled to learn that Radha has built her Daybreaker community from scratch to half a million people. And even more astounded to learn that 1 in every 4 Americans does not
have a friend to confide in.

Radha’s book offers suggestions to all on the art of connection. Anyone with a business, podcast or blog who’s interested in increasing her or his audience will get many takeaways from this episode. And those feeling a bit left out will get tips on how to fit into the right

The conversation gives Cal the idea to try to double the number of subscribers to Big Questions by asking each listener to share a meaningful episode with a single friend who might appreciate it and benefit from it.

Give it a shot -- and good karma will come your way.