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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Oct 23, 2018

Cal talks with Rob Lawless about the changes in travel since Cal went around the world back in the 80s. Whereas Cal used magazine work to get his journey off the ground and then was passed around the world by the people he met, Rob now uses the Internet to keep his trip going.

Rob has a goal of talking with 10,000 people for an hour. He makes Instagram posts after each meeting, and pushes the journey along through tech partnerships with companies that overlap with his mission.

He sets up conversations with four people each day via the Internet. Now 27, Rob will be 37 when he meets the 10,000th person and completes his mission. Cal is now one of those friends.

This conversation looks at the differences between travel back when there were no cell-phones and personal computers and now where contacts can be made and new friends can be located months in advance through the Internet.

The ultimate takeaway here is that travel is always doable, you just have to figure out how it can work for YOU.