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Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Jul 9, 2019

On any given day, the odds of making it to the front page of YouTube are one in 2 million. Tim, and his company, Shareability, have done this 35 times. When the student is ready, the master appears. So Cal sets off on his journey into social media with Tim as his guide alongside the launch of Tim’s book: Break Through The Noise, The 9 Rules to Capture Global Attention. Tim has created viral videos with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and mesmerized millions with a video of dogs using hands to eat around a table at a family dinner. This podcast is a tipping point for Cal as he looks to bring Old School storytelling, which now delights crowds at speeches and during workshops, to social media. The conversation is filled with takeaways for anyone or any company trying to gain a larger and strong presence on the Internet. Because at the heart of this episode is the question: What makes messages shareable?